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Our team of experts in restaurant online ordering look at websites for restaurants all day to make sure they provide you with the best products. One common value-added feature that many restaurants have is their menu posted cleanly on their website. We've done that for you with our static menus product along with a few other nice perks.

The static menus product is something that sets our online ordering system apart from the rest. By giving you the option to have a static menu, we allow you to display your menu on your website, just like you were to put up a PDF document for people to download. The main drawback with a PDF document or image with your menu is that you have to update it yourself every time it changes. For you, the restaurant owner or manager, this means involving a 3rd party like a web developer to connect to your website and upload the new menu, but only after you have a graphic designer make the changes.

Here are a few reasons why static menus are a smart choice:

  • Instantly Updated: We keep your static menu synced with your online ordering menu, so any time you change your menu items or pricing, the static copy is automatically updated without you having to do a single thing.
  • Printable: Just like a nicely formatted PDF document, you can print the static menu, too. Your repeat customers that love your food and service might want to print a copy and keep it pinned on their refriegerator for the next time they get hungry.
  • Start an Order: Our static menus, while static and printable, allow your customer to start the online ordering process from anywhere on the page. This kind of interactivity will save them the trouble of having to hunt for that button on your site that says "Order Online".

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