Your online ordering system integrates with your POS!

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The best thing about Online Orders Now is that it is easy to integrate it with your restaurant. We can integrate to three of the most popular point-of-sale systems used in restaurants: Aldelo, Maitre'd, and Microsale. If you don't have one of these systems, we can still integrate to your restaurant by connecting to a printer or fax machine to print out the orders that are being submitted by your customers online.

Our online ordering system comes chock full of great features that come included with every installation. Here a just a few:

  • Unlimited Transactions: If you expect 100 or 1000 online orders per month, you won't ever be charged an overage for orders. We want you to have a great month and don't impose any limits on your ordering system.
  • First time customers emailed: When you have a new customer who is ordering from your restaurant, you can be notified with their email address to give them special attention.
  • External delivery service email/fax notification: Does your restaurant use a 3rd party for deliveries? Well now you can send your delivery order out to them by email or fax to close the loop.
  • Administration Back End: For restaurant owners and managers who want to do the work themselves, we provide a full featured administrative web interface for making real time changes including; Pricing, Item Descriptions, Delivery times, & allows for updating Open and closed days due to holidays, vacations, etc…

Call us today at 888 673 3710 ext 1 to speak with one of our sales associates and start setting up your online ordering system today. You can also use the contact form available by clicking the button below.

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