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The world of corporate catering is no various; whether you're dealing with specific lunch meetings or luncheons with hundreds (or even thousands) of workers, the quality of the food matters a lot to both personal image and company morale. At Online Orders Now, we realize that catering could be one of your main sources of revenue at your restaurant, so we've taken an extra step to go out of our way and provide your with a specialized secondary menu for catering.

Let's say your customer is throwing a large party or having a wedding, or perhaps there's a medical sales rep that just wants to make a good impression. The catering menus product is just like having a completely separate 2nd installation of our software! It comes with these special features that will make your restaurant stand out for someone's next catering event.

  • Another Menu: In addition to your regular restaurant menu, we provide a separate catering menu with its own items with different kinds of quantities. Now you can select meals that feed a number of people instead of building a normal order for two.
  • Advanced Ordering: It's Monday morning and that big presentation is set for Friday afternoon. You want to make sure everything is setup for your big day so you can order in advance, so your catering menu can be made available for people to order 24 hrs a day so they don't have to wait for your restaurant to open.
  • Different Delivery Area: Usually large catering orders are worth the extra drive for your customers. You can set a completely different delivery area to either expand your normal delivery radius or reduce it to keep catering orders a little closer to your home base.

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